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Welcome to Alleyn’s School


The school is located in the Dulwich area of south London. It is a good place for living and studying.


Communication between staff and students is positive and respectful throughout the school. Relationships between pupils of different ages and classes are also built on the principles of respect and support. It creates a favorable atmosphere among the students.

Students are divided into three main groups according to their age: elementary, middle or high school. For each school assigned a school supervisor, assisted by a group of teachers in charge of the academic achievement of students and encourage students who do not use internet services on request “assignment help online“.

Although Alleyn’s Scholl is a day school, there is a system “Houses”, inherent in boarding schools with their residences, or as they are called “houses”. Such a system was first introduced here more than a hundred years ago, and since then it has successfully stimulates the development of personal responsibility among students. In small communities, in an atmosphere of healthy competition, students learn leadership, teamwork, support and mutual assistance. In high school, the school encourages students to participate more actively in the life of their home, assigning them “captains” or their deputies.

Triumphs on stage are alternated with sports achievements of boys and girls, especially in basketball, water polo and football. Alleyn’s School are proud of the fact that some of the students in favor of the junior national team of Great Britain sailing.


Alleyn is one of the best equipment in the country for music classes: 10 rehearsal auditoriums, 6 classes, 2 rooms for performances, a music library and professional recording studio.
There is a choice of musical instruments for more than 100 students. The teachers are professional musicians.

The school provides countless opportunities for performance. During the year, it takes place 4 outdoor concert, 2 concerts of chamber music, many school concerts, music during church services, performance of students. At school some 40 bands performing in different directions from the classical and jazz to rock and pop music. Each group is one of the music teachers.

Among many talents of students, different learning progress were added: 93% of pupils received the exam assessment A * -B.

Due to high academic results and creative direction of the school year, 23% of graduates from Alleyn’s School entered Oxford and Cambridge.
About the Author: Mary Geret is a student. She is from London. She is interested in painting and music.

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