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Our health during the winter period


That winter came. All those who care about their health, begin to think about how to facilitate their entry into the body is dark, cold and unhealthy time of year. In this article, that was provided by you will find a few simple guidelines that will help you increase the body’s resistance and reduce the negative impact of the ensuing winter the well-being and mood.

Doctors say that due to the seasonal adjustment of the body metabolic processes begin to work in a different way, and carbohydrates are digested worse. Paradoxically, it is in a cold and dark time of the year many people especially are drawn to sweet. This is just because due to poor digestion of carbohydrates the body “loses” his daily rate and is trying to “compensate for the amount of quality.”

Just replace the “heavy” carbohydrates (cakes, cookies, pastries, and even regular sugar) digestible, contained in honey, dried fruits, nuts. Speaking of nuts and dried fruits should talk separately: their inclusion in the diet normalizes metabolism, improves the body’s resistance and does not contribute to weight gain.

It is banal, but an important recommendation: do not forget about vitamins. Vitamin deficiency is much easier to “get” than to compensate for it. Therefore, increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Particular attention should be paid to fruits high in vitamin C: oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, grapes. Bring undoubted benefits to health and apples. Among vegetables, carrots pay special attention to: the daily consumption of a glass of fresh carrot juice with the addition of a pair of spoons of cream to satisfy the body’s need for health essential vitamins A.

In principle, the period of adaptation is not only poorly absorbed carbohydrates, but also a heavy meat diet. Therefore, the necessary proteins are best obtained from plants (beans, lentils, peas, soybeans), of lean meat (chicken, turkey) and of dairy products, especially dairy products. Include in your daily diet and seafood: sea fish, crabs, shrimp contain iodine and selenium, which increase overall body tone.

Those, who really want to lose weight, must pay attention to the fact that the autumn and winter, almost every woman will inevitably gaining about two kilograms. This is normal! Thus, the body tries to protect itself from the coming cold weather, creating an “insulated layer.”

And finally, some general guidelines:

– If you smoke, if it is possible you should reduce the consumption of cigarettes.

– When you dress on the street, pay special attention to the head, neck and legs.

About the Author: Lolita Terok is a student. She loves animals.

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