Rules For Writing An Essay

How Do You Organize Scholarship Essays?

Since your year of enrollment and up to graduation date, you may face three types of essays during your learning process: scholarship, academic and admission. Well, the last one is submitted only as part of the application process, but the previous two are written on a regular basis. A student can receive a task of completing a scholarship essay as a part of his homework, exam or in-class activity. It is valued less than admission or college essay, but still influences course grade and the overall score. Also, it depends on the subject. I.e., maths class does not require any essays as a rule. A student deals more with the problem-solving and reporting. But, writing an article is crucial for, let’s say, English Literature and History.

College scholarship essay plays a great role in defining your status. Even your financial situation depends on how well you compose it. A good educational performance can save and earn you money – keep it in mind as another inspiration tool. It is quite easy to develop a good scholarship essay: just follow the rules, read several guidelines, involve your imagination – and here we go! Oh, and one more thing: make sure to keep to the deadline!

The urgency of the paper reflects the level of student’s responsibility, how well he is able to manage own time schedule. The responsibility leads to credibility. So, only students capable of time managing earn the chance for a scholarship. Don’t count on that teacher will extend the due date – be ready to submit your work ahead.

Watch your paper’s length! It is acceptable for an essay to be 250-500 words, but, I ‘m afraid, no one will read three and more pages up to the end (unless you are a genius, but let’s be honest).

Margins and fonts are also among those basic rules. Students often forget about them. Sometimes it is the lack of computer knowledge, but there are no excuses: today, everybody has access to the electronic devices. Modern student should be aware of at least such trivial things as “Word” formatting. Nobody tells you to master PHP, Photoshop or CSS. However, “Microsoft Office” is a must. The lack of basic computer skills might even lead to the employment difficulties further.

The title is needed in any case. Subtitles and headings presence depends on the academic style defined in instructions. So, before writing down your essay, read all of them carefully. It’s not enough to take a quick glance: you may skip few essential elements and fail the task. I know some situations from my personal experience when people used to do completely another job instead of required one. The consequences were severe for both “the assigner” and “the executor”. When the question sounds like “Account for your opinions about the role of Third World Countries in the global economy” a student shouldn’t write an essay on Third World Countries overall information or start listing them. It will only take more space and overload the paper. Focusing on economic issues only also is not the way out. To write a perfect essay on this specific topic, the student has to analyze Third World countries economic situation and its role in the world first by conducting personal research and gathering all relevant information from reliable sources. Then, a draft has to be prepared. Only after these steps, the whole thing can be structured and put down in the form of scholarship essay.

It is usually mentioned how many references should you include in your work. However, sometimes it’s up to the student to decide on the number of sources and quotes throughout the text. Work cited is a very critical stage which causes a lot of troubles. The way you cite other people thoughts in your essay reflects your propensity for plagiarism. As far as this issue is judged the most strictly, an author has to be really careful to avoid any coincidence. It can be done unintentionally, but it is hard to prove. So, after accomplishing the whole paper, download some free spell/grammar checker and insert your text for online plagiarism identifier.

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