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Finding Good Persuasive Essay Topics Is Not As Hard As You Might Think!

As you might already know, finding a good essay topic can be difficult, especially if you are working on a persuasive paper. Why does it take so much time and effort? Well, because finding a topic that is arguable and actually worth an argument requires a lot of thinking.

essaygobuy.comThere is a tendency to elaborate on topics that have been used hundreds and thousands of times. While it has its advantages, such as the number of sources available and plenty of old papers for reference, it also poses some difficulties. Are you sure you want to repeat what has already been said and proved?

The truth is, to find a good topic, you should look for things that concern you and stir doubts, such as whether breastfeeding should be allowed in public or not, or whether Europe should stop in its unbridled movement towards diversification, which borders on cultural blending.

Our List of Potentially Good College Essay Topics

There are tons of good sample college essay topics at circulating all around the Internet, including persuasive ones, and you can easily find the ones to your liking. Here is our own list you could use to get ideas:

  • Drinking age
  • The cost of medicine in the US
  • Regulation of pornographic content on the Internet
  • Obese or “beautiful and free of prejudice”?
  • Gun ownership
  • Death penalty
  • The length of a work week
  • Tuition and part-time jobs for students (should students be provided for while at college?)
  • Online piracy laws
  • Globalization and legalization of immigrants
  • The use of standard tests in schools
  • Feminism and feminazis
  • Gaming and its benefits
  • Gender equality
  • Help to third-world countries
  • Is Europe helpless against Muslim countries?

These are only general areas you can dive into. The only common thing that unites them (and that you should look for in a good topic) is that people still care about them. They can stir debates (and even “holy wars” in the online comments section) and thus, you can use them successfully to write a strong paper.

Another piece of advice: do not sit and intentionally think about a topic. Just let it sit in your head for a couple of days. It is quite possible that you will think of something in the least expected moment. Things around you can give you ideas. Browse the Internet, talk to friends, check social media – you will definitely come across something that you will convert into a good essay topic.

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