Rules For Writing An Essay

Our health during the winter period


That winter came. All those who care about their health, begin to think about how to facilitate their entry into the body is dark, cold and unhealthy time of year. In this article, that was provided by you will find a few simple guidelines that will help you increase the body’s resistance and reduce the negative impact of the ensuing winter the well-being and mood.

Doctors say that due to the seasonal adjustment of the body metabolic processes begin to work in a different way, and carbohydrates are digested worse. Paradoxically, it is in a cold and dark time of the year many people especially are drawn to sweet. This is just because due to poor digestion of carbohydrates the body “loses” his daily rate and is trying to “compensate for the amount of quality.”

Just replace the “heavy” carbohydrates (cakes, cookies, pastries, and even regular sugar) digestible, contained in honey, dried fruits, nuts. Speaking of nuts and dried fruits should talk separately: their inclusion in the diet normalizes metabolism, improves the body’s resistance and does not contribute to weight gain.

It is banal, but an important recommendation: do not forget about vitamins. Vitamin deficiency is much easier to “get” than to compensate for it. Therefore, increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Particular attention should be paid to fruits high in vitamin C: oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, grapes. Bring undoubted benefits to health and apples. Among vegetables, carrots pay special attention to: the daily consumption of a glass of fresh carrot juice with the addition of a pair of spoons of cream to satisfy the body’s need for health essential vitamins A.

In principle, the period of adaptation is not only poorly absorbed carbohydrates, but also a heavy meat diet. Therefore, the necessary proteins are best obtained from plants (beans, lentils, peas, soybeans), of lean meat (chicken, turkey) and of dairy products, especially dairy products. Include in your daily diet and seafood: sea fish, crabs, shrimp contain iodine and selenium, which increase overall body tone.

Those, who really want to lose weight, must pay attention to the fact that the autumn and winter, almost every woman will inevitably gaining about two kilograms. This is normal! Thus, the body tries to protect itself from the coming cold weather, creating an “insulated layer.”

And finally, some general guidelines:

– If you smoke, if it is possible you should reduce the consumption of cigarettes.

– When you dress on the street, pay special attention to the head, neck and legs.

About the Author: Lolita Terok is a student. She loves animals.

Welcome to Alleyn’s School


The school is located in the Dulwich area of south London. It is a good place for living and studying.


Communication between staff and students is positive and respectful throughout the school. Relationships between pupils of different ages and classes are also built on the principles of respect and support. It creates a favorable atmosphere among the students.

Students are divided into three main groups according to their age: elementary, middle or high school. For each school assigned a school supervisor, assisted by a group of teachers in charge of the academic achievement of students and encourage students who do not use internet services on request “assignment help online“.

Although Alleyn’s Scholl is a day school, there is a system “Houses”, inherent in boarding schools with their residences, or as they are called “houses”. Such a system was first introduced here more than a hundred years ago, and since then it has successfully stimulates the development of personal responsibility among students. In small communities, in an atmosphere of healthy competition, students learn leadership, teamwork, support and mutual assistance. In high school, the school encourages students to participate more actively in the life of their home, assigning them “captains” or their deputies.

Triumphs on stage are alternated with sports achievements of boys and girls, especially in basketball, water polo and football. Alleyn’s School are proud of the fact that some of the students in favor of the junior national team of Great Britain sailing.


Alleyn is one of the best equipment in the country for music classes: 10 rehearsal auditoriums, 6 classes, 2 rooms for performances, a music library and professional recording studio.
There is a choice of musical instruments for more than 100 students. The teachers are professional musicians.

The school provides countless opportunities for performance. During the year, it takes place 4 outdoor concert, 2 concerts of chamber music, many school concerts, music during church services, performance of students. At school some 40 bands performing in different directions from the classical and jazz to rock and pop music. Each group is one of the music teachers.

Among many talents of students, different learning progress were added: 93% of pupils received the exam assessment A * -B.

Due to high academic results and creative direction of the school year, 23% of graduates from Alleyn’s School entered Oxford and Cambridge.
About the Author: Mary Geret is a student. She is from London. She is interested in painting and music.

Rocking Your Studies


  1. If you are writing your college paper or do research, it’s important you pick a subject that is truly engrossing. According to some students, which have been through a lot in college and now enjoy their summer vacation, they would deliberately choose the most controversial and complex topic on the list, and then made a list of pros and cons. They afterwards picked the side with the least arguments, and tried to support their thoughts with an evidence. This is the best way to approach any theme and know your arguments when it comes to illuminating your thesis statement.
  2. Do not underestimate the power of smell. If you have a lemon water on your desk, it may help you concentrate and feel revived. Same goes with peppermint, and the smells that evoke positive feelings. Once you inhale the aroma, you might recall something from your previous chapter that you thought was long forgotten, and who knows, maybe you will ace your examination test with the help of aromatherapy?
  3. Gesturing can help you memorize things. If you are moving your hands around or simply bouncing a rubber ball, it helps you to learn. You can pace up and down the room, or ask your friend to quiz you – anything that keeps you going. There are also videos on YouTube meant to distract the mind from the current studies and complete one’s relaxation session with ease. This means that all you have to do is find your favorite composer and give away to music!
  4. Get some sleep. Without healthy sleep, you cannot ace your preparation and all the effort would simply go to waste! You can use an application that’s called the Sleep Cycle. It analyzes the pattern of your sleep and wakes you up when you are feeling refreshed. If you do not get your brain to rest, this will result in low productivity and inability to concentrate. Eight hours should be a norm, with enough time to go about your morning routine and finish the chores.
  5. Want to become a straight-A student in no time? You can use research paper help that is available online. A service that is both popular and accessible for learners might provide you with some helpful decisions on writing an essay or crafting your custom paper! If you are using it for the first time, it’s wise to remember that you have to take a quick look at the pricing plan and the offers available. They are usually on display at the main page. Besides, you can always contact the site’s support team for help. If you heed the advice, you will be able to make it to the deadline without calling your friends desperately to find out about the latest studying techniques that might be of some use to a person, cramming for an exam.

Finding Good Persuasive Essay Topics Is Not As Hard As You Might Think!

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Is Writing an Essay Agonizing You?

So you are not looking forward to writing an essay? The trouble is that you cannot run away from it because it needs to be done. So what do you do in this predicament you are faced with? We might have an answer for you.

Types of Essay Writing services:

The type of essay writing service available is dependent on the instruction given by the client. Different essays have different styles of writing. For instance, a narrative essay will use slightly different language and tone when compared to a college application essay.

How to Write an Essay Plan for University

Essay writing may be easy at school, but when it comes to University level, things get tough really fast. There’s never enough time to do the work twice if you change your mind or make a serious mistake – everything has to be done by the book from the very beginning.

Basic Rules on Writing Introduction and Conclusion in an Essay

Whatever is the size of the essay, topic or genre many students are likely to stumble at two points: where to start and how to wind up the story. Consequently, introduction and conclusion are the issues many writers break their heads over.